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UNAN Managua & CNU – Official Visit to Nicaragua

21 – 24 March 2022, Republic of Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s largest and most impactful university, UNAN-Managua, received a delegation from the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC) led by its Secretary-General, H.E. Mr. Manssour Bin Mussallam.

The Rector of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua UNAN-Managua, H.E. Ms. Ramona Rodriguez, and other authorities such as the Vice-Rector General, Deans and Area Directors also participated in the meeting.

The UNAN-Managua has trained thousands of professionals in different careers, has more than 1,700 administrative workers with 5 faculties; the majority of teachers have doctorate and master’s degrees. It has laboratories for quality training, 76 undergraduate degrees and more than 80 postgraduate programmes.

“We showed him how we are applying the model of education centred on the family, the person and the community, but also the commitment of the university, to contribute from research to the solution of problems”, assured the rector of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua UNAN-Managua, H.E. Ms Ramona Rodriguez.

UNAN-Managua awarded the Secretary-General of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), H.E. Mr. Manssour Bin Musallam, the title of Distinguished Visitor, for his willingness to strengthen higher education in all its fields and in the creation of strategic alliances that benefit all sectors of the Nicaraguan population.

CNU held a meeting with the Secretary General of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC).

“We are working on research-based quality, i.e. how we can strengthen research-based training. Similarly, internationalisation and other areas such as quality, relevance and interculturality. In our Council we have universities that we call intercultural community universities, which are the universities that are in the Caribbean of Nicaragua, explained the President of the CNU and Rector of UNAN-Managua, Ramona Rodriguez Perez.