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Secretary-General Appoints Dr Shubhangi SHARMA, as Under-Secretary-General, Systems Enhancement and Endogenous Development (SEED)

The Secretary-General of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), H.E. Sheikh Manssour Bin Mussallam, announced today his decision to appoint Dr Shubhangi Sharma, of India, as Under-Secretary-General for Systems Enhancement and Endogenous Development (SEED).

Prior to joining the OEC, Dr Shubhangi Sharma served various organisations such as DFID, UNESCO, OXFAM Trust and EAA Foundation as a knowledge management expert. Her professional career of over 25 has been focused on education, with particular emphasis on promoting inclusive and equitable educational opportunities for all. She has worked equally with civil society organisations, academia and governments on issues of education and in the process has developed partnerships, strategic plans, gender policies and has been part of designing and delivering on innovative programs in India as well as internationally to promote sustainable development.

A passionate advocate of gender equity and employment of gender transformative approaches in designing and delivering education, Dr Sharma has been member of several networks and coalitions and has served on boards of several organisation working on education and equitable social development.

Upon accepting her appointment at the OEC, Dr Sharma said: 

“I feel humbled, and I am delighted by my appointment as Under-Secretary-General for Systems Enhancement and Endogenous Development, by the Secretary-General, in this far sighted Organisation of Educational Cooperation.  It is an honour to bear the specific responsibility bestowed upon me to be part of the Oganisation that is set up to work with Member States towards promoting balanced and inclusive education, through providing support in building institutions, policies, programs and practices which are needed to address the learning needs and aspirations of the youth in countries of the Global South.  I have no doubt that the cherished goal of social transformation is very much possible by promoting social cohesion, democratising knowledge, and ensuring the right to quality education so that everyone may lead a life of dignity and security.”   

In her new capacity, Dr Shubhangi Sharma heads the Department of Systems Enhancement and Endogenous Development and serves in the Cabinet of the Secretary-General.