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Secretary-General Appoints Hidayet Çilkoparan Assistant Secretary-General for General Assembly and Logistics Management

The Secretary-General of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), H.E. Sheikh Manssour Bin Mussallam, announced today his decision to appoint Dr Hidayet Çilkoparan, of Türkiye, as Assistant Secretary-General for General Assembly and Logistics Management.

Dr Çilkoparan brings with him twenty years of extensive bilateral and multilateral diplomatic experience, including ten years with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, both as a national delegate and a senior official of the Secretariat. From 2012 to 2015, prior to becoming Head of Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Dr Çilkoparan served as Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Turkish Embassy in Berlin, where he oversaw and coordinated the work of 13 Consulates General and was in charge of the organization of numerous high-level visits and events of up to 2000 participants. He also served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the Turkish Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. Holding a PhD diploma in international relations and policy analysis from the Middle East Technical University, he has been serving since 2020 as Director and Senior Researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute in Ankara.

On accepting this appointment at the OEC, Dr Çilkoparan expressed his profound appreciation to the Secretary-General for entrusting him with this responsibility, and further explained his motivation in joining the OEC:

“Education lies at the heart of Humanity’s efforts to ensure social progress and a life in dignity for all. In this regard, the establishment of the OEC as a new international organization dedicated to educational cooperation with a systemic approach across the Global South is as inspiring as it is necessary. It is in this spirit that I wanted to join this special organization at the beginning of its executive journey, with the aspiration to contribute to its further development as an efficient and robust international institution, which will serve all people within its Member States to enable them to shape the future they want”.

In his new capacity at the OEC, Dr Hidayet Çilkoparan heads the Bureau of General Assembly and Logistics Management (GALM) and serves in the Cabinet of the Secretary-General.